Nak ngurat ke ?

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Everything about me is simple. Nad is the name given. 18 years old and still alive. I don't like Kpop. I do have a pyjamas that i always wear it when playing the badminton but I don't care. I am easily inspired by pretty things or pretty words. I reblog what I want and write what I want. You can't control me sweet heart. And Mols is my inspiration.


Hye PpLLLL !
so i amek time for midnight awhile
mengupdate storyy 
ermm tak berape nak story lh
BUT !!
i tak tau nak luah dekat sape
soo Blogger is my darling
kay , just now
dapat text from stranger
so my heart turn beatingg
ala ala mcm kne pukul drum gitu
but i'm not easy to trust any text from ppl
who we can call them as MAN !!
Sorry Man ! 
Hatiku keras 
Since maghrib tadi until malam pukul 8 cenggitu ah
rumah turns to blackout 
om nom nom nom
kesian tgk neighbours amek spent time
buat candle light dinner 
sampai rambut ku hampir hampir
terbakar . sadlife :(
Azim looks like amoi
pakai singlet 
Wakluuu cuci mate aku hari ni
Ahad ni test comp for my license 
Hopely dapat pecah rekodddd ahh
just pray to Allah
Aminn :)

Tolong bagi Hamster saya makan .