Nak ngurat ke ?

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Everything about me is simple. Nad is the name given. 18 years old and still alive. I don't like Kpop. I do have a pyjamas that i always wear it when playing the badminton but I don't care. I am easily inspired by pretty things or pretty words. I reblog what I want and write what I want. You can't control me sweet heart. And Mols is my inspiration.


Now i got what i homewrk had finished early but just bahasa melayu karangan i didn;t finished it,, big laugh for me because i hate to do some long essay.Btw,i blank for ideas in sometimes days,,haha,, ! countdown for coming Saturday because i will attend for merentas desa.....cikgu!can i skip it ??? knape jauh sngt ha? last year dekat jerk..adeyhh ! yesterday,my dad tells me..bile akk nk call ckgu add math?ayah x sbr nk msukkn akk tuiyen nie,so you can easy for catch up it for the next topic.....then i answer it.....nnti dululh ayah....mybe in feb....huh!

Tolong bagi Hamster saya makan .