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So, if you are wondering what is Universal Studios Singapore is all about, I can tell you it is about the experience. Like any other theme parks, it is a cool place for families, friends & couples to enjoy precious time together & to just relax and have fun. ;-) .
Ok, here goes, the tons of pics I took…

This feels so American to me, popcorn and hot dogs vendors at the ‘street side’.

Lunch was at Mel’s Drive In, my default choice simply cos they got burgers!! Hehe..

No pork burgers so I settled for the Big Chilli Burger, Mel’s famous thick vanilla milkshake and my set came with thick chunky fries. Total: SGD10.60.

Glitzy, extravagant premier shows..

Dandy hats can be found here at the Brown Derby. Even the round roof reminds me of the bowler hat.
Lights Camera Action! By Steven Spielberg in Hollywood Zone.

Just Louis’s Pizza, for some authentic New York pizza. This is in the New York zone, of course.
 Lastly , The glob of universal Studio .

Guest Services . Actually tak amek pun service ni . Hehehe
Okay , that;s enough for me to share these photos for you all . Chiaow 

Tolong bagi Hamster saya makan .