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Everything about me is simple. Nad is the name given. 18 years old and still alive. I don't like Kpop. I do have a pyjamas that i always wear it when playing the badminton but I don't care. I am easily inspired by pretty things or pretty words. I reblog what I want and write what I want. You can't control me sweet heart. And Mols is my inspiration.



I am kind of frustrated and grumpy due to some reason. But I am trying to minimize it and it's working :) Gosh I guess everyone hates NAGY situation right? Somehow IDK how to deal with them anymore, I tried very hard and I hope I give my best out of it. I love them no matter what happens! They will always be deep inside my heart. Forever love ♥

Life is full of ups and down and full of obstacles isn't it? No matter what happen, you have to be positive and stay strong.Yes it is not easy going through it, but if you stay positive and strong, everything will be alright! Have faith in yourself and trust yourself that you can do it! Everything is gonna be fine after all. There is always ways and will if you want it to happen. Nothing is impossible isn't it? I trust in myself and I got a very strong faith in myself that is why I am here living so strong and happy. Am I? Hope I am, although sometimes an emotional side of me appears. This is the nature of human alright =.=' . Somehow, I hope what I am doing is right and I really hope everyone around me will be happy and cheerful all the time :). I am strong outside, but deep inside? No one knows! Only me! Yes I am unpredictable! Seriously. See! Sometimes I am really contradicting. No matter how, remember think positive and stay strong :)

What's more to blog about? I really don't know. Sometimes I can be real emotional that no one know what is in my mind and no one know what's wrong with me. Gosh! *pouts*. This is what I hate of myself. LOL *slaps*. Neway, I really hope everything goes on well and no more trouble and problems coming to me. I am sick and tired of all those bullshits and craps! So hell yeah stop it once and for all and please and let's create PEACE together gether ♥ Chiaow .

Tolong bagi Hamster saya makan .