Nak ngurat ke ?

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Everything about me is simple. Nad is the name given. 18 years old and still alive. I don't like Kpop. I do have a pyjamas that i always wear it when playing the badminton but I don't care. I am easily inspired by pretty things or pretty words. I reblog what I want and write what I want. You can't control me sweet heart. And Mols is my inspiration.


I'm Awayyy

oh sangat gayah aku gune Lappy Dell ni . ( choi merepek )

So start from now , i will not entry my post again . I'm sorry for not giving  you my best . I've been neglecting you for more than a week and I'm so sorry . I really am . Give the best for my parents is one of my hopeless since i were born . I miss looking forward to blog after an exciting day with friends and all . I spent my time with my love activities -_____- . Mybe you can said that i'm a childish person but i know who i am . Nowadays i seem to have lost my interest in blogging and well , you can blame Facebook for that ... Chiow .

P/s : Tolong bagi Hamster saya makan dekat atas tu . Love you Nana !

Tolong bagi Hamster saya makan .