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Everything about me is simple. Nad is the name given. 18 years old and still alive. I don't like Kpop. I do have a pyjamas that i always wear it when playing the badminton but I don't care. I am easily inspired by pretty things or pretty words. I reblog what I want and write what I want. You can't control me sweet heart. And Mols is my inspiration.


Assalamualaikum and ciao Mr blogg :)

So today , has been boring ... until i figured out what to do -,-
hurmm . i look dissapointed already . Yesterday night , he had text me but i didn't reply it . omg ! my credit had been lost and i look stressfull until my brother said ' Akak ni macam mati laki aje '. okay , it is not easy for you to get something messages from peoples that you really pfffftttt ^^ . i'm used my mother phone and reply to him with said sorry that i cannot text you this night .

Next ,
You see , i deleted all my posts about my ex .i had made peace with my past , and i don't think need to remember it all the time . But yeah , i can still read my previous whenever what i do :) .

                                          ' WELCOME TO NEW LIFE NADYA '


Tolong bagi Hamster saya makan .